Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 6000 In India In 2024

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Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 6000 In India

Bluetooth speakers are the first choice and preference of people these days . It is very frustrating to keep carrying the wired speaker with one every time . But what is more annoying , is having to untangle the wire again and again . Bluetooth speakers are more portable , durable and reliable .

It is quite simple and easy to connect the Bluetooth speakers with the other devices . They also provide an exceptional audio experience as the Bluetooth speakers have more versatile features than normal speakers . It is an ideal choice for music lovers as well, due to its high-quality audio . Bluetooth speakers these days are available in different sizes and shapes . Moreover , there are different types of Bluetooth speakers to serve different purposes . The Bluetooth speakers have an easy set up and the user can have access to them without facing any kind of difficulty . It also allows freedom of movement and the operator can control the settings from a distance too . Have a glance at the following mentioned speakers and fight the right one for yourself as per your needs .

Why are bluetooth speakers better ?

Bluetooth technology is a good fit for this modern world technology . The following are written below in its favour :

  • They are easily portable .
  • They produce high quality sounds .
  • They can be kept anywhere in any position.
  • They are compatible with most devices .
  • There are many options available.
  • They are durable .
  • They are reliable .
  • They can be used for professional as well as personal occasions as well .
  • The wireless connectivity of bluetooth speakers is a lot better than the regular speaker .
  • They are easily manageable .

Read out the brief description of the bluetooth speakers under a pocket friendly amount of 6000 :

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 6000

12W Philips BT6000 Portable Bluetooth Speaker 5,990
Boat Stone 10002,499
House of Marley Liberate Bluetooth Portable Speaker5,600
Tribit Maxsound Plus4,699
16W JBL Flip 3 Portable Wireless Speaker6,000

1. 12W Philips BT6000 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Phillips is already famous among people because of its high quality products. Philips BT6000 is one of those . It is cylindrical in shape and is very sleekly designed to give a good performance . The speaker is supported by NFC as well . The speaker produces a sound of a total of 12 watts . The battery power can run for 8 hours straight. The Philips BT6000 has an in-built microphone and is fit for hands-free calls too . It has an audio range of 20 meters . The controls are located at the top for easy access and use .

Some specifications :

  • Battery – 4400 – mAh
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Item weight – 740 g
  • Batteries required – No


  • It has a good battery life .
  • It has good audio quality.
  • It has an in-built microphone .


  • It has limited bass performance .
  • It doesn’t have a built-in assistant .

2. Boat Stone 1000

It is an ideal choice among music lovers and enthusiasts who long for high-quality audio speakers with other features too . It is a perfect match for the requirements of people in today’s world where demands keep growing . It is totally fit for outdoor use as well. It is waterproof and dust proof too . It delivers an amazing sound quality to its users and makes the experience memorable . The BoAt Stone 1000 also has an in-built microphone to support hands-free calls . It also allows you to connect two speakers wirelessly as it supports TWS .

Some specifications :

  • Subwoofer diameter – 5 inches
  • Item weight – 1423 g
  • Audio wattage – 14 Watts
  • Audio Output Mode – Stereo


  • It allows multiple connectivity .
  • High sound quality .
  • Good battery life .


  • It has limited customization .
  • It is heavy in weight .

3. House of Marley Liberate Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Bob Marley, despite being no more , is still loved by his fans . His legacy continues to live in the form of his brand , House of Marley . The company has been focusing on e-music lately , and it is not wrong to say that the speaker is one of them . The speaker is made up of high quality equipment . One of its numerous features is that the speaker is easier to carry . An in-built microphone in the House of Marley Liberate Bluetooth Portable Speaker helps it to answer the calls as well . It offers the user 7-8 hours of battery life with high quality music waves .

Some specifications :

  • Connectivity – AUX & Bluetooth
  • Item weight – 756g
  • Control method – touch
  • Power source – Battery powered


  • It is portable .
  • It can receive calls .
  • It produces a high quality sound .


  • It lacks NCF.
  • It has a mid battery life .

4. Tribit Maxsound Plus

This bluetooth speaker is cylindrical in shape and offers great features to its users for ease and access . The sound quality of the speaker is as expected – exceptional . The control panel is built on the top of the speaker for the user to access it without having any trouble . It provides a seamless and uniform connection with the help of Bluetooth technology 5.0 . It also serves as a power bank , allowing your devices to be charged through its USB port . It is highly durable as well as a great choice for outdoor activities .

Some specifications :

  • Connective technology – wireless , bluetooth
  • Item weight – 590 g
  • Peak Power Handling Speakers – 24 Watts
  • Battery life – 20 hours


  • It has an exceptional battery life.
  • Good sound quality .
  • It is waterproof .


  • Charging time is too long .
  • It has limited bass .

5.16W JBL Flip 3 Portable Wireless Speaker

There is no doubt that JBL is known for its quality products and amazing customer service . One of their famous products is their bluetooth speakers, which are famous worldwide . The 16W JBL Flip 3 Portable
Wireless Speaker is resistant to water, which means it is a good choice for pool parties . This model of JBL speakers is easy to carry as well . The sound quality of this speaker provides an amazing experience for its price . Bluetooth connectivity is an ideal one and won’t give you any tough time .

Some specifications :

  • Sound – 16 watts
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Battery life – 10 hours
  • Weight – 449 g


  • It has a good battery life..
  • Portable & durable .
  • It is waterproof .


  • It lacks NCF .
  • No built-in voice assistant .


In conclusion , bluetooth speakers are very useful and famous these days because of their numerous features and high built qualities . There are numerous bluetooth speakers present in the market to serve different purposes and needs of the users . Bluetooth speakers, as compared to regular speakers, are more durable , reliable and portable. They are convenient for outdoor activities . It is also essential to check reviews before purchasing a Bluetooth speaker to make sure if it is a correct choice for you or not . It is high time that one should upgrade himself or herself with a modern bluetooth speaker to have a more enjoyable experience .

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