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Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 6000 In India

Good quality music is an instant solution to stress and anxiety issues . It is like free therapy or remedy which can boost our mood in a few seconds only . But what is equally important is its sound quality as well , especially for people who love to listen to classical and instrumental music . The speaker is a major contributor to the factors of a person’s taste in music as it adds sound to their life .

The quality of a speaker can make an effective difference in our experience of listening to the audio or music . Even the musicians, singers , streamers and sound engineers cannot work properly without a good quality speaker . A person’s requirements and interest in buying a speaker are absolutely different. So , are you too looking for a good quality speaker at an affordable price which has good features as well ? Do you prefer the JBL brand’s product ? Yes , you are in the right place . Here , we have sorted out the best JBL speakers by 5000 with their key elements , purposes and pros & cons etc. Have a glance at the following content and find your perfect speaker .

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JBL speakers – a brief

It is a famous brand which offers audio equipment . JBL stands for James B. Lansing , who founded the company in the year 1964 . The JBL speakers work through the process of electromagnetism , in which the electrical energy is converted into sound waves . The brand has gained good popularity in the last few years among users .

Why JBL speakers ?

  • Portable speakerThey are ideal for outdoor use like parties , picnics and get-togethers etc, as they are lightweight and portable as well . It can work without a power source too, as it has built in extendable batteries within . It meets the needs of today’s generation .
  • Great sound qualityThe JBL brand’s speakers are famous for their good sound quality . They provide clear sound performance under different frequencies as well . They are an ideal choice for music lovers as they provide a good listening experience .
  • Wireless connection JBL speakers also provide Bluetooth speakers under wireless connectivity, which is often easy to use . The user doesn’t have to worry about keeping and detangling the wires as they can be easily connected to the devices . It offers a clutter-free and enjoyable audio experience for its users .
  • Warranty card The well known brand , JBL, also provides a warranty card for its users which guarantees them security . It is a unique feature which shows their accountability towards their customers .
  • Product DesignJBL brands are very up to date and offer the product designs accordingly . They are loved by users for their up-to-date and sleek designs, which are very eye-catching .
  • Durability – They are built with high quality material materials, which makes the brand reliable . They are made in a way so that they can withstand the regular use and irregular environment too without any problems .

There are several other features too which glorify the popularity of JBL speakers . They are affordable and pocket friendly . Talking about affordability , here are the JBL speakers under 5000 .

JBL speakers under Rs.5000

JBL clip 4Rs. 4,298
JBL Junior Pop Rs. 3,299
JBL Go 3Rs. 2,990
JBL go 2Rs. 1,999
JBL Clip 3 Rs. 2,499

Give a glance to the following list to know more about the different JBL speakers under 5000 :

1. JBL clip 4

The best part about JBL clip 4 is that it is a transportable speaker as it is small in size and lightweight . The speaker is cylindrical in shape, which makes it easier to carry along with any cloth or bag . It is a waterproof speaker , so , it is a fitting choice for those who like to listen to music near the pool area . It’s built in a way that is capable of withstanding submersion in 3 feet under water for 30 minutes straight without any kind of damage . It can be connected with other clip 4 speakers for a TWS ( true wireless stereo) experience . Even though it is smaller in size , it provides a greater sound experience .

Some specifications :

  • Battery life – 8 hours
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Charging point – Type C
  • Bluetooth range – 10 m
  • Weight – 239g


  • IP67 rating .
  • Great sound quality .
  • Good battery life .


  • Charging time is long .
  • No mic is available .
  • Limited stereo sound .

2. JBL Junior Pop

It is a small cylindrical speaker which is colorful , kid-friendly and built with high quality materials . It is a mini-speaker which is portable and easier to carry . It can withstand accidental damage as it gets rubberized and contains a splash – proof exterior . The speaker also offers a detachable belt which can be used to hang the speaker . It also has a ” No Voice Assistant” mode which prevents children from looking up inappropriate content . The controls are present at the bottom of the speaker for the kids so that they can access them easily .

Some specifications :

  • Battery life – 4 hours
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Charging point – Micro USB
  • Bluetooth range – 10 m
  • Weight – 121 g


  • 1PX7 rating .
  • Good sound quality and bass .
  • It is child-friendly .


  • Battery life’s duration is short .
  • The micro USB port is an old trend .

3. JBL Go 3

It is a palm-sized mini speaker which is designed with great portability . It can be carried easily in pockets and bags . It is waterproof as well as a dust-proof speaker, which is a good choice to pick for outdoor plans . The JBL Go 3 provides its users with great audio experience and sound quality . Despite being a palm-sized speaker, it produces a good quality , clear and powerful sound . It is supported by Bluetooth 5.1 technology, which provides a stable connection with the devices . It is suitable for hands-free calls as well .

Some specifications :

  • Battery life – 4 hours
  • Warranty – 1 day
  • Charging point – Type C
  • Bluetooth range – 10 m
  • Weight – 209g


  • Stable connectivity with other devices .
  • In-built microphone .
  • Built with good quality materials .


  • Party boost mode is not available .
  • Battery life is relatively shorter .

4. JBL go 2

It is known for its high quality build durability and impressive audio quality . It is a stylish speaker which also protects against water damage . It has a good battery life as compared to the other branded speakers . It uses the Bluetooth 4.1 technology which offers seamless connectivity as compared to other speakers . It has buttons on the top of the speaker for easier access and controls . It is very easy to control .

Some specifications :

  • Battery life – 5 hours
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Charging point – Micro USB cable
  • Bluetooth range – 10 m
  • Weight – 184g


  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Cheap


  • It has limited features
  • Charging time is long .

5. JBL Clip 3

It has a built-in carabiner which allows the user to attach it with a belt or bag pack easily . It is a uniquely designed speaker which delivers a good quality sound experience. It has slightly better qualities than the other JBL speakers. The control panel on the speaker has been set up on the top for users to access and use it easily .

Some specifications :

  • Battery life – 5-6 hours
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Charging point – Micro Usb
  • Bluetooth range – 4.1
  • Weight – 340g


  • It has a mic for receiving calls .
  • Easy connectivity .
  • Quality sound at high volume .


  • It is a little bit heavy .
  • Micro USB is outdated these days .


In conclusion , as technology keeps advancing day by day , the products and their quality have started improving as well . A good speaker with great features is what attracts a user . JBL cares about its customers and has designed such products in a more helpful & useful way . But it is equally important to purchase a speaker according to one’s personal needs & requirements, only as different speakers serve different purposes .

If you are looking for a speaker that matches your requirements, you should definitely go for a JBL speaker . Their sound qualities , build and features are exceptional . The JBL brand has been serving its customers for the past 69 years . Buying a speaker under 5000 from the JBL brand seems to be a profitable investment .

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