Best WI-FI 6 Routers in India

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Best Wifi 6 Routers In India


Wi-Fi these days is not merely an option, but it has become a need . From a kid or a gamer playing on PlayStation to an adult working remotely – who doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection with a top notch range and high speed . It is so frustrating to keep playing or working with the buffering issue . But Wi-Fi 6 routers are believed to be a solution to the commonly faced network issues . It is the most recent sixth level of wireless networking technologies . The Wi-Fi 6 routers provide the fastest speed and range as well . It also has been approved by the secure business LAN i.e. Local Area Network .


You must be wondering whether you should invest your money in a Wi-Fi 6 router or not ? Have a look at the following points to get your doubt clear .

1. Best battery life – The battery life of the Wi-Fi 6 routers is certainly better and longer-lasting . It has been designed in a way that it puts the Wi-Fi settings of the connected devices to sleep when they are not being used .

2. Greater Security – As compared to the previous generations of Wifi , it provides improved security with greater encryption and ameliorates the potential to prevent hacking .

3. Increased Channel width – With the help of Wifi 6 , the user can reach 160 MHz but it may work uniformly in a single AP situation, making the spectrum limited only .

It has some other features too, like increased AP capacity . To sum up, purchasing a Wi-Fi 6 router is surely profitable . Now the next question is which Wi-Fi 6 router is best to use ?

Top Wi-Fi 6 routers in India

D-Link R15 AX1500 Wifi-6 Router1500mbps₹ 3,380
Asus RT-AX55D1800 mbps₹ 8,999
HUAWEI AX3 AX30003000 mbps₹3,800
TP-link Wi-Fi 6 AX15001500 mbps₹3,999
Mercusys MR70X AX1800 Wifi-6 Router1800mbps₹ 3,599

1. D-Link R15 AX1500 Wi-Fi-6 Router

This wireless router is a budget-friendly smart dual-brand router powered by AI and the cheapest among all the other Wi-Fi 6 routers . It has parental as well as voice control, which makes it safer for the kids . It can manage up to 4 streams concurrently . It also provides the user with guest network access .


  • Antennae – 4 external Antennae
  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Frequency band class – Dual brand
  • Weight – 300g


  • Affordable and budget friendly .
  • Easy installation process .
  • Appreciable parental controls.


  • 160 MHz channels are not supported .
  • Lacks USB ports

2. Asus RT-AX55

It is one of the most affordable Wi-Fi 6 routers by Asus . The user can also mount this router on the wall . It is simple in size and has been very ordinary, designed to provide quick and smooth connectivity for the devices . Numerous devices can be connected to it together as the router supports the MU – MIMO technology . You can check the network status by looking at the five status LEDs at the front . It is one of the best options for users looking for a secure connection with fast speed and reliability .


  • Antennae – 4 high performance
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Frequency band class – Dual brand
  • Weight – 373g


  • Affordable for households .
  • Increased high speed and coverage.
  • Ideal for business & home mesh networks.
  • It has a stable connection .


  • No USB port is there .
  • Some advanced features would work on compatible devices only .
  • Complex User interface .

3. HUAWEI AX3 AX3000

Now next to the list of Best Wi-Fi 6 routers in India ,is the HUAWEI AX3 AX3000 . It is the second most pocket friendly Wi-Fi router after D-Link R15 AX1500 . The router has been very simply designed and is available only in matte white variants with a single LED at the front . It also provides the user with the NFC feature – in more simple words, with the help of NFC , users can connect their device to the router without having the need to fill in the credentials . In short , HUAWEI AX3 AX3000 is one of the best routers to purchase if you are looking for exceptionally high speed , up-to-date security features and good range -HUAWEI AX3 AX3000 is the number one cost-effective Wi-Fi 6 router .


  • Antennae – 4 flat High performance
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Frequency band class – Dual brand
  • Weight – 387g


  • It is a cost-effective router .
  • 128 + connections are allowed.
  • The bandwidth is at 160 MHz .
  • The speed would be consistent.


  • There are only 3 LAN Ports available.
  • Small home coverage.
  • Only one year warranty.

4. TP-link Wi-Fi 6 AX1500

The smart Wi-Fi router has a triple-core CPU instant response feature which provides the process of functioning in a better and smoother way . The installation process of this router is very easy and it can be set up with the help of the Tether app . The feature which differentiates it from the other Wifi 6 routers is that, instead of entering the credentials, it can be connected with voice too . It can connect many devices simultaneously and users who are looking for broad coverage should definitely give it a try .


  • Antennae – 4 high performance
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Frequency band class – Dual brand
  • Weight – 99.8g


  • Easy set-up process .
  • High speed and good coverage .
  • Works as a booster to improve speed .


  • It has limited maximum speed .
  • Older devices might me or might not be compatible.

5. Mercusys MR70X AX1800 Wifi-6 Router

This router provides better encryption services as they support the latest wpa3 . It has some really great features . For example , during the data transmission procedure, its target wake time reduces the power consumption of connected phones and IOT devices . It allows up to 100 connections at the same time along with the battery saver feature for the connected devices . For increased speed and better coverage, the BSS Color reduces the neighbour’s interference . It is also designed to improve the overall network coverage . The Mercusys MR70X AX1800 Wifi-6 Router also enhances your online experience and makes it more enjoyable .


  • Antennae – 4 physical antennae
  • Warranty – Limited Warranty
  • Frequency band class – Dual brand
  • Weight – 350g


  • It has lower latency .
  • High speed facility.
  • Enhanced Coverage
  • Multiple connections are allowed .


  • No USB Ports .
  • Limitations due to the advanced features .
  • Older devices might be or might not be compatible .


In conclusion , Wifi 6 is developed to meet the upcoming needs and demands of today’s wide range of network and technical generation . This article has demonstrated some of the best Wifi 6 routers available in India and a link for the same has been given . Every router is used for different purposes and you can choose one accordingly . Choosing the best Wifi 6 router as per your interest and requirements can significantly improve your internet experience . Thus , making it worth enjoying . So , upgrade your network connection with a top – grade Wi-Fi 6 router so that you can enjoy the merits of the sixth generation wireless technology and modernize yourself with the latest contemporary technology .

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