What are Different Types Of Infrared Sensors


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We all know how important it is to have sensors these days , as they help humans in various industries and applications like security and temperature monitoring . Besides, they are used in some other advanced industries as well . However, these sensors are designed in such a way that they are able to detect and measure the infrared radiation which enables the reliable detection of the object they are supposed to be alarming to. As the world is evolving to the best technology, there are numerous infrared detectors in the market. If you are looking forward to knowing more about these infrared sensors , you are at the right place. Let’s go through the following points and get your doubts cleared :

What is Infrared technology ?

One of the most useful technologies today is infrared technology, which uses infrared radiation . It is invisible to the naked or human eye. Only objects with a temperature above absolute zero can emit it . This property allows it to be used in diverse applications. One of its best applications is thermal imaging, in which the radiation emitted by an object is converted into visible images. It is used in temperature variations, electrical diagnosis and rescue options as well. It is also used by scientists to gain insights into climatic changes and much more . Moreover, it is used in security systems too. As it offers transmission of data , it is used in wireless earphones etc too . Infrared technology is expected to play a great part in future technological advancements.

Significance of Infrared Sensors

If you want to comprehend the applications that depend upon this technology, it is a must to understand the significance of Infrared Sensors. They are developed to detect and measure the infrared radiation reflected by objects. These sensors provide valuable data which is used for analysis by converting infrared radiation into electrical signals. Its ability to detect important information that is invisible to the human naked eye is significant itself . It has enhanced safety and capabilities. Thanks to infrared sensors , we have got new developments in the field of technology.

Working Principles of Infrared technology

It basically works on two very simple principles, that are detecting and measuring the radiation emitted by objects. The infrared source of the censors emits the infrared radiation and a detection element which further converts it into electrical signals. Furthermore, the emitted infrared radiation comes in contact with the objects in its path, it either gets transmitted or absorbed. And then the detection element detects the changes in radiation and produces a parallel electrical signal. This signal is then used to provide information regarding the field which it is being used for.

Types of infrared sensors

There are several infrared sensors . But the most commonly used among them are as following:

1. Thermal Infrared Sensors

2. Active Infrared Sensors

3. Passive Infrared Sensors

Comparative Analysis of Infrared Sensor Technologies

Type of censorWorking MechanismProsConsNotable Examples in the Market
Thermal Infrared sensors It detects the infrared radiation emitted by objects on the basis of their temperature.1.It measures accurate temperature2. It can work even in complete darkness.1. Slower response time.2. Lower spatial resolution.Flir SystemTesto AG
Passive Infrared SensorsIt detects the changes in the infrared radiation caused by the object’s movement.1. It offers a faster response time.2. Low power consumption.1. It has a limited detection range. 2. It can cause false susceptible alarms too.HoneywellPyroelectric sensors 
Active Infrared SensorsIt emits and measures the infrared radiation of its own to detect the object.1. It has a high accuracy rate.2. It offers long detection.1. It has a high power consumption rate.2. More complex installation requirements.PanasonicSick AG


In conclusion , it is right to say that infrared sensors play a vital role in managing all the applications like temperature measurement and detection etc. The above sensors are the best sensors available in the market with each having their own differences and benefits.  If you are wondering about a security system, automation opportunities and maybe a medical device , the infrared sensors are going to help you make the right decision . Choose one which matches your needs and makes it easy and simple .


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